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High Desert homes in demand; prices inch up

     Demand is up for homes in the High Desert, but the supply isn’t keeping up, according to November real...

Article Date : 12/18/2009
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Residential building plummets in valley (Posted Date :Sunday, January 11, 2009)
Single-family issued permits down by more than 90 percent in every city

Residential building permits issued by every Victor Valley city have dropped by more than 90 percent over the past three years, but other types of development show a glimmer of mprovement.
Hesperia has seen an increase in multifamily-housing permits issued during the housing bust, while Victorville is the only local city whose commercial and industrial permits are higher than they were in 2006.
“ L i ke a l l c i t i e s i n California, the rapid housing boom and decline is evident over the past few years, and has created a challenge for the city,” said Hesperia city spokeswoman Kelly Malloy.
Hesperia saw its singlefamily residential building permits fall by 96 percent, from nearly 970 in 2006 to just under 40 in 2008. In the same time period, the number of multifamily residential permits in Hesperia almost doubled, from 45 to nearly 90.
Adelanto has seen the largest drop in residential permits, with nearly 99 percent fewer permits issued in 2008 than in 2006.
In Victorville, residential building permits have plummeted by 94 percent since 2006, while Apple Va l l ey p e r m i t s h ave dropped by 93 percent.
Commercial building permits have not seen the same drastic decline as the residential permits — in Victorville commercial building actually increased.
Victorville’s commercial building permits are still nearly double what they were in 2006, though they fell from 51 in 2007 to 24 over the past year. The city has seen a similar increase in its industrial permits, with none in 2006, 14 in 2007 and five in 2008.
All of the other cities have seen a decline i n b o t h co m m e rc i a l and industrial permits. Adelanto issued about 72 percent fewer comm e rc i a l p e r m i t s i n 2008, Hesperia issued 6 6 p e rce n t fewe r i n 2008 than in 2006 and Apple Valley just 9 percent fewer, according to the most recent figures available.
“Staff is carefully monitoring the economic situation, and is working hard to reduce spending wherever possible so that we can continue to weather this storm of a slowing economy and large reductions in revenue from development impact fees, sales tax and state funding, while at the same time, providing residents with i m p o r t a n t s e r v i ce s ,” Malloy said.
Despite the downturn, Malloy said, Hesperia is looking forward to commercial development in 2009.
“We expect to see more openings of smaller, regionally based retailers and smaller-footprint specialty restaurants,” Malloy said. “The residential development in the city is dependent on the economy.”


By : Daily Press
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