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 "10 Really Important Questions to Consider when In

High Desert homes in demand; prices inch up

     Demand is up for homes in the High Desert, but the supply isn’t keeping up, according to November real...

Article Date : 12/18/2009
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If you wish to sell your land, please click the link below "Sell your Land" and complete the form or just simply call us toll free, and we'll be glad to discuss what CJC Holdings, LLC can do for you. We are not a Realty Agency, therefore there are no commissions and/or referral fees involved. On top of that we pay all of the normal closing costs involved in the sale. If you are working with a licensed real estate person we have no problem in working with them or their broker as well. Once we reach a mutual agreement, the closing process is fairly quick, usually 30 days or less. All transactions are handled through a licensed escrow company and/or a national title insurance firm.

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