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High Desert homes in demand; prices inch up

     Demand is up for homes in the High Desert, but the supply isn’t keeping up, according to November real...

Article Date : 12/18/2009
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High Desert homes in demand; prices inch up

     Demand is up for homes in the High Desert, but the supply isn’t keeping up, according to November real......

Daily Press: 12/18/2009
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Industrial space grows faster than demand

High Desert lost as much occupied industrial space in first quarter of 2009 as it did in all of 2008

Half U.S. mortgages underwater by 2011

Dire assessment comes amid a slight stabilization in the U.S. housing market


Daily Press: 8/10/2009
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More Californians look for the exit
LOS ANGELES • Mike Reilly spent his lifetime chasing the California dream. This year he’s going to look for it in Colorado.
With a house purchase near Denver in the works, the 38-yearold enginee......

Daily Press: 1/13/2009
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Bargains draw first-time home buyers to local market
First-time home buyers jumped into the local real estate market in December, pushing sales of existing homes up by 17 percent for the month and 207 percent compared to a year ago, according to new fig......

Daily Press: 1/13/2009
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Residential building plummets in valley
Single-family issued permits down by more than 90 percent in every city

Residential building permits issued by every Victor Valley city have dropped by more than 90 percent over the past ......

Daily Press: 1/11/2009
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Building permits drop; counties cut back on staffing

In another sign of current economic woes, building permits in Riverside and San Bernardino counties continue to drop. In some cases, it's more like a plummet.
Permit volume in Riverside Coun......

The Press-Enterprise: 11/16/2008
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Foreclosures continue to bring prices down
Prices of existing homes in the Victor Valley fell a staggering 6.6 percent in October but the pace of local home sales soared more than 300 percent from last year, according to a report released Mond......

Daily Press: 10/11/2008
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Cemex may trade mining contract for Victorville land
VICTORVILLE — Cemex cement company has agreed to trade a mining contract in Los Angeles County for up to 8,000 acres of federal land near Victorville, which will then be sold to the city.

Brooke Edwards of the Daily Press: 5/3/2008
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Recession hits home
It is predicted that the downturn will continue for about two more years
The Inland Empire is well into a recession that is predicted to be longer and more severe than what the nation feels as ......

Daily Press: 4/15/2008
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Project concerns Fairview residents
Large development proposal includes 3,114 houses and commercial development
APPLE VALLEY — Some residents of Fairview Valley have raised concerns over a project that would bring 3,114 hou......

Daily Press: 4/14/2008
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Local home prices dip 6.1 percent in March
Foreclosure-related sales account for 71 percent of homes sold; prices retreat to 2004 levels
Prices of existing homes in the Victor Valley dropped 6.1 percent last month, and most of the homes......

Daily Press: 4/12/2008
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Bernanke says recession possible
Fed chairman won’t tip his hand on future interest rate cuts
WASHINGTON (AP) — Ben Bernanke knows a recession when he sees one, and he’s starting to sound like that’s ju......

Associated Press via Daily Press: 4/3/2008
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How bad is it?
Nervous Americans are eyeing the economic landscape as more and more bad news hits each week
NEW YORK (AP) — For months, Americans have been subjected to a sort of economic water torture ......

Daily Press: 3/24/2008
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Forecasts see prolonged housing woes
High Desert foreclosures to quadruple in 2008; home prices continue to drop
Prices of existing homes in the Victor Valley dropped 4 percent last month and almost seven out of 10 homes sold loca......

Daily Press: 3/11/2008
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Home prices drop 9 percent
Ownership becoming more affordable
Prices of existing homes in the Victor Valley dropped 9 percent last month and 60 percent of homes sold in January were bank owned — double December's r......

Daily Press: 2/29/2008
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Real estate down; offices close
Several local related businesses affected by downturn
The current housing slump, which is expected to continue through 2008, is causing local real estate businesses to close their doors.

Daily Press: 2/3/2008
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Home buyers and commuters wait and see
Report indicates recovery for new home sales unlikely before 2009
VICTORVILLE — Local Realtors still see a slow market going into 2008 for the High Desert and say it is mostly due to a &l......

Daily Press: 1/14/2008
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Furniture stores hit by housing slump
The beginning of the trend? Experts expects the housing market to take two or three years to recover
Some furniture stores in the Victor Valley are shutting their doors because of lack of sales......

Daily Press: 12/29/2007
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Assessor warns of foreclosure scams
With foreclosures on the rise, con artists are coming up with scams to take advantage of local residents who are already down and out.

The latest scam involves suspicious groups that ar......

Daily Press: 12/19/2007
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